Property Calculation Prediction of general antibacterial activity Prediction of activity against specific microbial species Strain-specific AMP prediction based on microbial genome analysis
Strain-specific AMP prediction based on microbial genome analysis is a tool for predicting the antimicrobial potential of Linear AMPs active against particular strains. The prediction algorithm uses information on the genomic sequences of specific microbial strains. Active peptide exhibits MIC<25 µg/ml, and Non-Active peptide exhibits MIC>100 µg/ml. The microbial strains can be selected in two ways: from the drop-down menu, or the user can provide the genomic sequence of the desired strain that can be uploaded by the user or accessed through GenBank ID. It is also possible to predict activity against several microbial strains: some can be selected from the drop-down menu, and the user can add one more strain using the corresponding genome sequence. The length of the peptide should not exceed 30 amino acids.

AND/OR Upload the file of a genome sequence in FASTA format:

Paste sequence(s) in FASTA format (the peptide sequence can contain the '+' sign to the end in case of C-terminal amidation):